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Discover how your ears actually work

Hearing is one of your five vital senses that affects communication, awareness and understanding. Without a functional auditory system, you could experience various complications in your everyday life. That's why Complete Hearing, LLC is here to help you learn more about your ear, so you can stay on top of your hearing health.

Parts of the ear

Did you know that your ear can be broken down into three different parts? Your ear consists of:

  • The outer ear - this part gathers sound waves and pushes them through to the ear canal, where the sound is then amplified
  • The middle ear - in this part, pressure is balanced between the outside air and the air inside your ear
  • The inner ear - this part is responsible for sending vibrations to your brain, which then interprets sounds you hear
By understanding your ear to the fullest extent, you can better learn about hearing loss and take the proper steps toward improving your hearing. We'll be glad to tell you more when you call us today in Dothan, AL.